Monday, January 5, 2015

Reminder: a Holiday Gift from Scott

Just a quick reminder about my special gift to help you celebrate the New Year:

Last week I announced that a book I co-authored called The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life is being released shortly on audiobook through iTunes, Amazon and Audible for around $25. However, as a way to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in one way or another, I am offering a free copy of the audiobook with no strings attached.

Hundreds of people have already responded, and I have to take the offer down at midnight on January 7th as the audiobook is going live for sale in the next 10 days.

For those who don’t know, The 7 Mindsets are a blueprint for changing the way you think and live based on three years of research into what the world's happiest and most successful people have in common - it's not who they know, it's not what they know, it's how they think... their mindsets!

Just click here and you'll be prompted to enter your name and email address so we can send your unique download code for this free audiobook edition of The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life.  And if you think someone you know could benefit from learning and applying the 7 Mindsets in their life, please share this message and they can get this free gift, too!

Can one book change the lives of millions of people? I think so, but it’s time for you to find out.

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!

Scott Shickler

P.S. Don’t hesitate! Click here to get your free 7 Mindsets audiobook before the offer ends on January 7th!  This is a great way to make 2015 your best year ever.

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